10 June 2008

Random Music: "Iphigenia In Brooklyn" by P.D.Q. Bach

There isn't much I can say about this other than Professor Peter Schickele is a genius. You should take some time to listen to the works of P.D.Q. Bach. To get you started is "Iphigenia In Brooklyn". It's not one of P.D.Q. Bach's more famous pieces (but what is, really), yet it will give you an idea of the sophistication of his work. Listen very carefully to everything ... lyrics, music, "sound effects" ... anything can be a gag. (It helps to have an understanding of music in general, music theory, musical instruments, Greek mythology, et cetera, et cetera, so on and so forth.)

(In the music, listen closely for a well-known children's church song and a very recognizable entrance to a famous classical piece.)

And so you can follow along:
From: Cantata: Iphigenia In Brooklyn, S. 53162
Composer: P.D.Q. Bach (Peter Schickele)
Aria: "As Hyperion across the flaming sky his chariot did ride, Iphigenia herself in Brooklyn found."

Recitative: "And lo, she found herself within a market, and all around her fish were dying; and yet their stench did live on."

Ground: "Dying, and yet in death alive."

Recitative: "And in a vision Iphigenia saw her brother Orestes, who was being chased by the Amenities; and he cried out in anguish: 'Oh ye gods, who knows what it is to be running? Only he who is running knows'."

Aria: "Running knows."

Cantata: Iphigenia In Brooklyn, S. 53162 - Chamber Orchestra


Ontario Emperor said...

The ground in this piece is, both lyrically and musically, one of my favorite pieces ever.

Alejandro said...

Raised on this stuff. Fantastic!