19 June 2008

District Two-Fer

While I think Rusty at Why.I.Hate.DC. is a douche and complains too much about petty issues and is flat-out wrong on others, I have to agree with him 100% on a piece of news on which he commented today. That news, reported by Mark Segraves with WTOP Radio, is about Mayor Mari ... I mean ... Adrian Fenty and the over $50,000 he's charged District taxpayers for his campaigning across the country for Senator Barack Obama. All I really have to say is that I railed against electing him for mayor on my previous, and now-defunct, blog site. I told you all that Adrian Fenty was a populist con artist and that his administration would be the second-(or would that be third-)coming of the Marion Barry years. But you District residents overwhelmingly voted him into office. Well, you deserve the government you elect. I hope you do better on this whole Presidential election thing.

Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee has stated that she is planning on being Schools Chancellor for seven more years. While this decision is partly out of her hands, I do hope that she decides to stick this through and that future city administrations keep her on for as long as she wants to stay. As I've said before, hiring Chancellor Rhee was probably the smartest thing Mayor Fenty has done so far. She's intelligent, innovative, committed, and not afraid to make the right decisions for the benefit of the city's children, regardless of how many special interest groups she pisses off. Kudos you, Chancellor!

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Tuffie said...

see what happens when you put a competent strong female in charge???

everyone i've spoken with and whose spoken of Rhee has had nothing but supportive and positive things to say, because as you've already said, she's doing whats best for the kids and not for those benefiting from a corrupt system whole sole purpose is to better our kids.