14 April 2008

Why Am I Such A Mess Lately?

And by lately, I mean within the past few months. And by mess, I mean this ball of confusion. I am welcome to comments; have at ye. That is all.

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Basilio Q Bocalan Jr said...

Remember that whole over-thinking things...yeah...you're doing it again. -lol

I don't think of you as a mess, a work in progress is more like it.

You've accomplished so much in the past few months and you should be damn proud!

Like you said, there are some things that are just not within your realm of control, so let it go. Things will fall into place, you'll see.

And remember the people who love you and will keep loving you and will be there no matter what.
(Unless Barney's is having a sale, then perhaps I'll be there as fast the sales guy can ring up my items) ^_^

love you