12 April 2008

Fields Of Grey

I shouldn't blog when tired. I also shouldn't kick babies, trip blind people, or heckle preachers; but what'cha gonna do? I find that, living alone as I do now and having a job that allows me flexible work hours, I have more time to myself then I know what to do with. So I think. A lot.

Me and thinking should never be alone in the same room together. More often than not, my attention turns to sleeping dogs that I should just let lie.

But that isn't how I am. I stress over things I can't change and I contemplate how I could make better those things that I can change. And I get them all confused. Then I get frustrated and down. And the lack of sleep only compounds the mess. (Stupid insomnia.)

So here I am. Stressed and down. And bugging out over this grey mess in my mind ... or this grey mess that is my mind.

So ... yes.

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