26 August 2008

Random Music: "Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)" by Digable Planets

In a nod to a musical post by my brother, this song reflects a period in hip-hop when artists were looking to their funkier, jazzier, groovier heritage. This period happened during the middle 1990s when acts like Us3, Lucas Secon, and P.M. Dawn were all trying to make their mark. Unfortunately, gansta rap held on to hip-hop with a violent stranglehold and the world is a far worse place for it.

But enough editorializing.

Not so much drawing directly from old school jazz as being heavily influenced by it, Digable Planets weaved smokey rhythms with hypnotic rhymes to make a very unique product. The song I've chosen was one of the more popular songs of 1993 and spawned one of the most endearing catch-phrases ever put to voice.

Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat) - Digable Planets


Basilio Bocalan said...

I would've opted for "Cantaloupe" myself. ^_^

love it

The Diarist said...

Except Jimmie already featured that song and I didn't want to repeat.

The Knowledgemonger said...

I'm cool like dat, I'm chill like dat, I'm fly like dat.

This takes me back...now I just feel old.
Though if slick can be reborn, I guess so can I. Hmmmm.