08 August 2008

Pirate Joke Of The Week

A pirate walks into a bar, swaggers up to the barkeep, and demands ...

"A pint o' rum or yer life, ye landlubbing dog!"

The bartender, being a reasonable man who happens to like his life (thank you very much), grabs a large glass, a bottle of fine dark rum, and begins to pour. And while he's waiting for the glass to fill he sizes up the pirate, having never seen a real honest-to-God pirate before.

This pirate is in full pirate gear -- gold earrings, patch over the eye, a big filthy white blouse covering his swarthy chest, tattoos everywhere ... the whole seven seas. But protruding from his breeches is the unmistakable form of a steering wheel.

The bartender sees that the glass of rum is just about topped off, so he passes the glass across the bar to the pirate, who nods curtly and takes a huge swig of the rum. Pleased to have his belly warmed by the libation, the pirate slapped a doubloon on the bar-top and turned to walk away. But the bartender, whose curiosity was piqued, called out to him ...

"Wait! One second please. I see there is a wheel in your breeches. Isn't that uncomfortable?"

And the pirate turns back, fixes him with a beady glare from his lone eye, and replies ...

"Arrr, it's drivin' me nuts!"


Tuffie said...

i have to admit

that did make me laugh

yah dork!


Metro Man said...


This just made my afternoon!