19 August 2008

Random Music: "Happiness Runs" by Donovan

Originally titled "Pebble And The Man" and recorded on his album "Donovan In Concert", Donovan reworked the song a bit, retitled it "Happiness Runs", and made it part of 1969's "Barabajagal". Although I can't find it confirmed anywhere online, I understand that this song was a product of his visit with The Beatles to the Maharashi in 1968.

It's a song that speaks to me, sometimes pulling me out of my blues and sometimes fueling the fire.

First see this post and then I'll continue my thought on this.

I strive every day to be happy. I try to balance this desire against my respect for other people. Let me tell you that they tend to be opposing schools of thought and action. If I wished to be truly happy, I would do as I please and damn the consequences. But I believe in the truth that every action has a reaction. And so I restrain myself quite often.

This means that I don't always say the words I wish to say, I don't always take actions I wish to take, I don't always follow the paths of my heart that I wish to follow.

And so I'm not always happy.

But things do come around; life is a circle. Where I was happy once, I will be happy again. It's only a matter of time.

Happiness Runs - Donovan

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