08 August 2008

D.C. Loves Ugly; Church ... Not So Much

The District's Historic Preservation Review Board decided back in December to make one of the many churches in our fair city an history landmark. The congregation that worships in that building (The Third Church of Christ, Scientist) didn't much like this decision and, in turn, is suing the city to have the status removed because, they say, "it is difficult and expensive to maintain a 400-seat sanctuary that usually draws 40 to 60 people on Sunday".

I'm all for preserving those structures that most and best reflect the beauty of our city. And I do understand that sometimes it is necessary to take such measures to save structures that aren't ... how to say ... aesthetically pleasing to everyone.

But this is a church. A house of worship. A living, breathing building. So in this disagreement, I side with the church. This building is not only hideous but it is unwelcoming and, as anyone who has seen the J. Edgar Hoover Building would agree, it is extremely difficult and expensive to maintain. It does place undue monetary restrictions on how the church can serve the city because the church has to sink so much into the maintenance of the building.

What? You haven't seen the building? Well then, here it is:

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