23 August 2008

Change We Can Belie*

So, it's official. Barack Obama has selected his running mate. And whom did The Agent Of Change choose? Not Jim Webb. Not Kathleen Sebelius. Not Chet Edwards. No. The Man Who Would Save Us From Washington Politics chose ...

Joseph Biden.

Did you Democrats wake up this morning with a hangover, like someone slipped you a mickie last night?

For someone who has campaigned on the promise of changing the partisan and business-as-usual politics of Washington to choose the sixth-longest serving member in the current Senate (and who has voted primarily down party lines) is a bit shocking, wouldn't you agree?

If you wanted to keep the Republicans in the White House, this is most certainly the way to do it.

Unless of course ...

... no ... I can't say it ... it ...

... it's simply too scandalous!

Okay, I will.

I think, Democratic Party, that your only salvation is to nominate Hillary Clinton at your little party later this month. She was your best hope during the primaries and you blew it because you were so enamored by the young, handsome, charismatic, silver-tongued Senator from Illinois. I'm betting that you're starting to see who he really is now. And I'm hoping that you're feeling a little regret at your decision. Because Senator Obama is not the savior of the Democratic Party. He is not the one who will usher in a new era in Washington. He is not the one who will win you back the White House.

I'm not saying that Senator Clinton is, either. But I'll tell you what I do know. I know who she is as a politician. I know where she stands on issues. I know she is not her husband. And I have far more faith in her ability to defeat all other challengers in the general election.

But she didn't deliver in the primaries, now did she?

You Democrats were far more interested in showing "party unity" (whatever the hell that is) in order to show America that we all can get along and that you were the people who could make that happen. Senator Clinton was simply keeping in step, like the good Democrat she is. That was her major miscalculation. If she had come out swinging, as she should have, she would be your presumptive nominee and she'd probably have a hefty lead in the polls ahead of Senator McCain.

So, talk amongst yourselves. Figure this out and quick. Because you're right -- this is a very important election. It would be a shame if you couldn't win the one election that started out as a bow-wrapped gift.

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