08 November 2011

Building A Dynasty?

My faithful readers know that I have no love for Marion Barry, my current council member. He was elected to his position the same month that I moved into my condo. When I discovered that I was the newest resident in Ward 8, instead of Ward 7 where the apartment from which I was moving out resides, I was none too pleased. The man is a politician of the worst kind and we can't be rid of him soon enough.

But he doesn't want to go quietly into that gentle night. On the contrary, he is already scheming to cement his blight ... er, legacy ... in the District's history books.
Barry (D) has outlined plans to run for a third consecutive term as D.C. Council member for Ward 8 but serve only part of that time, backing his only son, Christopher Barry, to fill his seat.
Let us allow that to sit for one moment so that we may meditate upon those words ...

... okay.

This only son of The Night Owl has shown no interest in District politics on any level. He has largely stayed out of the limelight. He's already had a couple unfortunate brushes with the law in his short adult life. Having him serve on the council only prolongs The Elder Barry's (pun intended) stranglehold on the people of Washington D.C. in general and Ward 8 in particular.

Neighbors of Ward 8, we simply cannot allow this.

If Christopher Barry ever decides he wants to follow his father's footsteps into public service, let him do it on his own terms ... and prove to us, the voters, the he deserves our trust and confidence. Otherwise, let him live where he can battle and conquer his personal demons in quiet civilian peace.

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