29 April 2011

Music Video Friday: Let Me Hear You Scream By Ozzy Osborne

Today marks Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, with my Washington Capitals facing hated conference rivals Tampa Bay Lightning. This isn't Tampa's first time in the dance - they won Lord Stanley's Cup not that long ago and have three players still on the team who remember that year.

Considering that they have three members who've held the Cup (we only have one, who won it for the New Jersey Devils 11 years ago) and our history of, um, not doing very well in the post-season, I figured that the boys could use some positive energy tonight.

I noticed this year that we've seen a few more familiar faces during the in-game crowd pump-up videos. Pat Sajak? Makes sense. He lives in the D.C. Metropolitan area and has Caps season tickets. David Gregory? Okay, I'll buy it. He lives and works in the area, and he's been a fan for a while. Tom Greene? Well, he's a part of our Capitals Consciousness now and forever. (To the point of re-shooting his clips in a Caps sweater specifically for us. w00t!)

But Ozzy? I didn't get it, couldn't understand it. What possible tie does he have to my beloved team? None that were overtly apparent.

Turns out I'm not a very good heavy metal student. Or I would have picked up that one of the songs Caps Entertainment plays during the game actually is an Ozzy song. Team uses song. Song is a hit with fans. Team gets singer of said song to dress up in Caps Red. Meh ... I think it's a bit of a long stretch (since the man doesn't appear to follow hockey one bit) but, hey, if it gets the energy up in the Phone Booth, who am I to argue semantics?

If you don't know that song to which I am referring (or, like me, didn't realize that it's an Ozzy Osborne song), here it is. Enjoy!

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