22 April 2011

Music Video Friday: Ain't No Grave By Johnny Cash

Today is Good Friday. This day marks, according to the various Christian religions, the day that Jesus Christ died. He rose from the grave three days later, a day celebrated as Easter (which also happens to be Universal Chocolate Candy, Marshmallow Creatures, And Dyed Eggs Day ... funny that coincidence). Of course, both dates aren't the actual dates but randomly chosen using complex mathematical equations. Or they could have been chosen to be celebrated in lieu of an already-established pagan holiday. I can never remember.

Today is also Earth Day. It is the day, according to staunch environmentalists, that Mother Gaia will rise up and unleash her green fury upon all humanity for centuries of violating her natural purity. Or maybe it was randomly chosen as a one-off political stunt by an upset United States Senator. Meh, it doesn't matter.

Considering that Jesus rose from the grave and ascended into heaven, I suppose that would make him the First Environmentalist, as his body wasn't left behind to tarnish Mother Gaia. Which makes this weekend the Coincidences Of All Coincidences!

Snark aside, here's a bit of music goodness on which to meditate this holy weekend. Happy Whatever-Holiday-You-Decide-To-Celebrate!

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Marie Bernadette said...

One of my favorite Cash songs, if not -the- favorite. good choice, and good snark. ;)