06 May 2009

Another Site That Occupies My Time (EXPLICIT)

I have several sites that I frequent to escape the mundane reality of ... um ... reality. One of them is Zero Punctuation, a "groundbreaking video review series starring Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw". It's called "Zero Punctuation" because the reviews go by so quickly that you get the sense he did it in one breathless take (which we all know he didn't, thanks to modern technology). I get so much joy out of his reviews mostly due to his wicked sense of humor. But you have to listen carefully or you'll miss it.

Below is his most recent video game review. It's quite funny. But be sure to listen to it in a place where swearing is encouraged. If you like it, go check out his other reviews.


Tuffie said...

the link/video file is blank DD!!

The Diarist said...

It's working for me.