04 March 2008

Talk Of The Town

I like attention. I like having all eyes on me. I like being the topic of conversation. Except when it's for reasons other than my rugged good looks, my smarmy charm, and my disarming humor.

Let me just put this out there for whomever it may concern:
I am glad to discuss things of utmost importance. I will talk about the demons between us that should be exorcised. (Because, let's face it, who wants fat demons?) I will be happy to kick about the various ways we can end world hunger, join all religions in the ultimate Kumbaya, and be the salve for the pains of all people. I would even consider opining at length about the state of politics, finance, and health care in the world today. We can hold these debates at any coffee shop or restaurant of our choosing.

But I will never again have a serious conversation within the confines of a House of Music. I am there to enjoy a drink (or four), forget my daily stresses, and *perhaps* dance a bit. If approached on a serious topic, I will simply walk away.
I hope we are all clear on this.

1 comment:

Aris said...

I completely agree. Nothing should ever be taken seriously at a House Of Music. Except maybe the music or drinks.

Having said that, discussing serious topics at a HoM or HoD while not being serious can be quite entertaining. It does require that both participants are willing to put their seriousness aside.