29 March 2008

The Day Two Years In The Making

So here it was, the first professional baseball game ever played in the just-finished Nationals Park, and I am glad to report that the place is beautiful. There is still some work to do, such as installing televisions where "Future Site of Television" signs currently hang and working out those concessions issues, but all-in-all the ballpark is a success.

You can see the pictures, but they really don't do the place justice. It truly is a diamond in the crown of Washington DC (pun intended), and those involved in making it happen - the politicians who approved it, the business owners who are being taxed for it, the planners who designed it, the construction workers who built it - should feel very proud of their achievement.


Anonymous said...

Proud of their achievement?

Millions upon millions of dollars that could have been used to help any number of people (children without textbooks in the United States, people dying of AIDS throughout the world, cancer patients, the millions of homeless people in the world, the list goes on) but instead was used to fulfill the selfish human desire to be entertained by a fucking game.

I can hear our great great great great great grandchildren now, "They could have saved the world but instead they built baseball parks, built nightclubs, made television programs that addressed no moral issue what so ever, selfishly consumed the world's resources and futilely went to war. It doesn't matter though guys, because it sure was beautiful."


I will never understand the world of professional sports.

~the (former) roommate

Who Is Tuffie said...

Scott had nothing but great things to say about the new ballpark as well, glad you gave it your stamp of approval and had a good time. with the new waterfront convention center opening soon (http://www.nationalharbor.com/) the area should see more major and much needed positive (re)development.