18 March 2008

The Past Week - New York City

New York City - The Big Apple - The City That Never Sleeps. If you've never been, shame on you. Everyone should go at least once in their life. I enjoy the place. But then, I'm a city mouse.

So, we went up to NYC, where my *former* roommate had worked out lodging for the evening. Now, I've been to NYC a few times. Once I stayed at a friend's small one-bedroom with my ex and two friends of ours. Once I stayed in a tiny hotel room a block from Times Square. Once I stayed at my ex's friend's sister's flat in the Fashion District. Of all the places I stayed, that last place was the one that made me pause and think "Holy shit, this is nice!"

I had no idea what I was talking about.

But we'll get to that in a few.

After the show we met Mr. NYC, his husband, and a friend of theirs at a restaurant a couple blocks down the street. The food was good, as was the wine. After dinner, we followed him back to his place. We unloaded our overnight bags and Mr. NYC asked if we wanted to go out. (Any city that you can go out to a jumping bar that is open until 4 AM on a Monday is my kind of town.) Of course we said yes. He offered to drive and we didn't object. Let's face it, how could anyone object to having the opportunity to ride in one of these, even if only for a few minutes? We all get in and he decides to show us what his ride could do.

Let me tell you what it could do ... it could do 128 MPH in Midtown Manhattan ... that's what it could do.

Now this was all good and fine except police apparently discourage driving at such high speeds in the city. Yes, we were busted by the fuzz. Who had us sit on the rear bumper of the ride while they searched the car. (To make sure we didn't have any illegal substances. Which we did not.) They give Mr. NYC a warning (a warning after getting caught doing 90 MPH) and allow us to leave. And we do. We get to a bar in Chelsea just as the drag show was finishing, fortunately. We get a round of drinks and, just as we sit in the lounge area, we were joined by some college kids who were visiting from Indiana. Good kids, all in all. We hang out until closing (at 4 AM. Did I mention that already?) and head back to the condo ... Mr. NYC, me, my *former* roommate, and our mutual friend ... and the college kids. I went immediately to bed because I was friggin' exhausted. They all stayed up until who knows when.

We woke up late on Tuesday (sans college kids, who had left at some point during the wee hours of the morning, and Mr. NYC, who had gone to work), went walking around NYC for a few hours, then headed home. Nothing terribly exciting, because we didn't really plan for it. Next time will be better.

Now about that condo -- total swank. What do I mean exactly? In this photo set, you can see pictures of the view from his condominium (the first five) and pictures of the first floor of his condominium (the next ten).

I try very hard to remain unimpressed by titles and money and things. In the end, people are people and stuff is stuff. But I have to admit that I was overwhelmed by it all. I felt so small, so insignificant. I don't ever want to have that kind of money, but I'd like to have maybe half of that kind of money. Staying there really brought home the fact that I'm so, so far away from that.

Mr. NYC was much more down-to-earth and far more gracious than his surroundings would have one believe. I'm glad I got to experience that, especially with my boys, but I don't think I would want to go through that again. Unless the person was actually a friend of mine. Then it's game on.

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The Knowledgemonger said...

Very interesting trip. I am glad it was with the both of you. Next time no getting Continental all over our jeans and maybe a few more days.