11 January 2008

A Quick Vent

I might have made different decisions if I knew then what I know now. I might not have tethered myself so solidly to this rock. I might have left myself a little breathing room. I might have given myself options.

But I didn't know and I made the best decisions I could for the way things were. Things seemed so eternal then. Life seemed set then. Choices seemed like such a given then. Going "all in" seemed like a smart move then.

I do not regret the choices made. I am not sad about the way things are now, although I do still cry sometimes. I do not wish that things had turned out other than they are; life happens the way it is supposed to happen despite our best efforts to will it differently.


Actually, I would probably make the same decisions if I were given a do-over.

But sometimes the noose feels so tight and I start to second-guess myself again.

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Who Is Tuffie said...

if i could do it all again i wouldn't change a thing, i'd only try to be stronger then i was