24 January 2008

Brain ... Melting ... Urge To Kill ... Rising ...

So, in the last twenty minutes, I was subjected to four ... count them - FOUR ... Koons Toyota commercials. (Two sets of two. BACK TO BACK. I know you feel my pain.) Now it was bad enough that I had to endure Krystal Koons' raspy, inflection-free voice on WTOP every five minutes during my rush hour drives to Chantilly and back. But to have to see her emotionless, android-like, CGI face FOUR TIMES IN TWENTY MINUTES is more punishment than a death row inmate (or Lindsay Lohan) should have to bear.

Major local television stations, please ... PLEASE ... stop this madness. It's bad enough that The CW runs those horrid "Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos, PC" commercials. (Peter Angelos. Oh the gall.) They can be forgiven because ... well, because they're The CW and they need whatever revenue flow they can find. But FOX5? Shame on you.

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