29 January 2008

The End Of A Disturbing Ad Campaign

Kudos to Wendy's for ending its appetite-killing, red-pigtailed commercials. Of all of the fast food restaurants out there, Wendy's is my strong Number Two after Chipotle ...

(... mmm ... Burrito Bowl ...)

*wipes drool from chin*

... but their commercials almost turned me away.


I'm glad to see that they're righting an egregious wrong and focusing on their delicious food instead of some stomach-turning gimmick.

Now, if only a certain other company would rethink its commercials, all might be well on D.C. airwaves.


Who Is Tuffie said...

ha ha ha

i liked those spots.

but to each their own

Anonymous said...

I hate it...but not as much as I hate that freaky looking "King" from Burger King!!!

They need to get rid of him! If I saw that thing peering through my window in the morning I'da shot it!


Anonymous said...

my favorite wendys commercials were the ones with dave thomas (who is dead now) and the "wheres the beef campaign with clara pell (also dead. it would seem that they would use the real wendy instead of a viking drag queen wanna be to promote their food, though. i never quite got the point in those commercials...LOL