10 June 2011

Music Video Friday: My Time By Dutch Feat. Crystal Waters

This weekend is Capital Pride in the Nation's Capital. When I was a younger, less experienced homosexual, I participated in a lot of Pride activities. It was a way to be around like-minded people ... people who were otherwise mostly invisible. I was somewhere I could fit in and be my complete self openly and without fear. Yes, the world was a slightly different place back then.

As I've gotten older and more secure in the "complete me", I've found myself having less and less to do with Capital Pride events. It's not that I think it isn't still important to associate with people who are more like you. But I honestly have no idea what the point of it all is and I haven't found anyone who can tell me outside of established talking points. Even though my opinion of the festivities may have changed, I certainly do not begrudge those who do still enjoy it all.

To those of you who will be out and about showing the world how proud you are of being Out And About, this one's for you.

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