19 January 2010

What Is A "Superfan"?

This guy is a Superfan. This guy is a Superfan. This gal is a Superfan.

But this guy is not.

I'm not alone in this belief. Many people think that Spaceman (because I refuse to assign him any name that refers to the team) is nothing more than an attention-grubbing idiot. Some people disagree. And I suppose it is their right to do so.

But they're wrong.

What sets Spaceman apart from Horn Guy, Goat, and Screaming Mimi is that his shtick has absolutely nothing to do with the Washington Capitals. In fact, until The Washington Post did that little blurb on him, there was nothing Caps related to him. Now his Post-appointed name adorns the back of his space suit. Thanks, Steinberg. Additionally, the Superfans are Superfans because they are in the forefront of audience participation during the games. They scream louder. They lead chants. They rile the crowd up.

Spaceman? He stands and pantomimes life in space.

Exciting, huh?

Don't get me wrong. I like that the Verizon Center is full during Caps games. I love that people are so excited about this team that they can't contain it. I think it's fantastic to see this once-sleepy-non-hockey town turn into a place where no one wants to come play. Verizon Center rocks at home Caps games the way that RFK Stadium used to rock at home Redskins games. Yes, faithful readers, it's like that now.

But I don't see the point in putting on a Halloween costume that has nothing to do with the team and suddenly declare yourself a Superfan. You want to play dress up? Fine. Get yourself one of these, one of these, one of these, and/or one of these and alter it to fit the associated player. Until then, sit down and take that stupid helmet off.

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