06 January 2010

Sports Happenings

I know I'm a bit behind on the chatter here but I wanted to share my thoughts on these stories.
  1. Washington Redskins - Some might think that the story is this, this, or maybe even this. Those people would be wrong. The real story is behind the scenes.

    Here's my take. Clinton Portis needs to go. Yes, there were seasons when he almost literally carried this team on his back. But past performance doesn't give anyone a license to skate by, especially in the NFL. It certainly doesn't give you license to shoot your mouth off on a radio program. You have a problem with your coach? Talk to your coach about it behind closed doors. You have a problem with your teammates? Talk to your teammates in the locker room. Don't do it publicly. He has become a canker in the locker room and has lost the respect of many of the veteran players. He doesn't produce on the field. He doesn't inspire on the sideline. He doesn't lead in practice. Hell, he doesn't even show up to practice! Sorry, dude, but I think you're done. I'm hoping that one of Coach Shanahan's first moves is to trade Portis.

  2. Washington Wizards - If there are two things I know about the next owner of this franchise, they are the following: he knows how to build a long-term winning team and he won't allow his players to embarrass his team. Odds are that this NBA off-season will see the Wizards go through a change like the Capitals did during the 2004 NHL season lockout ... he will make sure he has front office people who know basketball and they will blow this team up and start building toward a team that will be perennial playoff contenders. Quite frankly, for as much pain as that will bring in the immediate future, it will be the best thing to happen to Wizard fans since they last won the NBA title. Trust me on this, because it leads me to ...

  3. Washington Capitals - I love my Caps. And I love Ted Leonsis. This is an owner who gets it. He respects his fans. He respects the tradition of hockey. And he respects his players. He is every bit as passionate about bringing the championship title to DC as a certain other major league team owner; but, unlike said other owner, he knows what is necessary and required of him to accomplish that. But that's not what I wanted to say about my Caps. What I wanted to say was that, seven days after trading their team captain to the Columbus Blue Jackets, the team finally decided on a new captain. I was too in shock last night to appreciate the choice. But after having some time to sleep on it, I think it was the right one. Firstly, Ovechkin is going to be here for a very long time, quite possibly for his entire career. Secondly, he has been a leader and always gives his all on the ice. Thirdly, well, there's this ...
    "I had talked to a lot of [players] the last couple of days and they said Alex is the only choice," [Coach Bruce] Boudreau said. "He's our leader, he's our guy. What shows he was ready was when I talked to him two or three days ago, he said he would accept the responsibility but 'only if my teammates want it.' He was already thinking about the team instead of himself, which is what captains do."
    Congratulations, Ovie, on the captaincy. And congratulations, Caps, for getting a quality captain.

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