01 July 2007

I Do Not Know How to ...

... simply be a patron.
... date.
... see myself the way others see me.
... express myself without stumbling over my words and sounding like a blithering idiot.
... break down these walls.
... ask for help.
... accept criticism without taking it personally.
... learn from some of my mistakes.
... be completely open and honest without hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet(s).


Tuffie said...

You've always been a tough nut to crack Mr. Just know that you are everything we, your friends, family, and those who care about you, say you are. and then some.

there are few people in this world i'd give anything for, and you know you're on that very short list. so pep up, it's not all bad, things could be a lot worst, you could be balding! ^_^

smile more, it looks good on you.


Mari said...

I agree you have a lovely smile (the few times I've seen it).
Asking for help is hard. Very hard. Particularly when one (me) is prideful adn independent.