29 June 2009

Love ...

  1. requires constant communication and reassurance to flourish, much like how a plant needs light and water to grow.
  2. is alive and subject to the same rules as any other life on earth.
  3. is universal.
  4. should not be attached to strings but far-too-often is.
  5. , along with Time, can heal any wound.
  6. is painful and worth every moment of it.
  7. stands by you even when it isn't easy to do so.
... is not ...
  1. vacuumed sealed.
  2. universally understood.
  3. up for negotiation.
  4. to be taken for granted.
  5. static.
  6. limited to one plain of being.
  7. to be hoarded away like a life's saving because ...
... Love is best spent on others, and ...
... Love is what you bring into my life and I cherish it more than I can often express.

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