08 June 2009

Fire Chief, Surprised By Ash, Proclaims Sky Is Falling

Thank the gods that we have a top fireman who is watching out for public safety. The last thing this city needs is an epic-disater-in-the-making.
D.C. Fire Chief Dennis L. Rubin yesterday ordered that all fireworks displays at Washington Nationals games be suspended until a safety review can be conducted, after fireworks debris landed on him as he watched a game, a department spokesman said today.

Rubin, who regularly attends Nationals games, was sitting in Section 130 yesterday when the Nats were facing off against the New York Mets. At the conclusion of the national anthem, there was a fireworks display as is customary, said department spokesman Alan Etter. As the debris fluttered down, it found its way to Rubin in his seat.
As you can see, Mr. Rubin had some sweet seats at first base, which are no where near where the fireworks are.

Now, I was a season ticket holder last year and my seats were in Section 141, pretty much directly beneath the fireworks. I had attended several games where the ashes fell from the sky onto us fans. And let me tell you, not once did any of us feel as if our lives were in jeopardy. Yes, ash is dirty. And, yes, it's a little startling the first time it happens. But that's how it goes sometimes. For Mr. Rubin to play the power card, covering it in the blanket of "immediate concern for safety", over something that has been happening for at least the past year (or longer ... I can't believe this never happened at RFK Stadium) is simply ridiculous and yet another example of our city leaders acting like that one kid in class who's put in charge while the teacher steps out for a minute.

Seriously. When will the insanity end in our local government?

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