06 November 2008

It's Over! (Oh, Really?)

Remember this commercial?

Well ... hmm ... fascinating that.

There you go, you over 64 million Americans who voted for "Change". Seems like the only change you got what short.

Good luck with that.

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James said...

So what I gather from this is that a couple of reporters from The Hill, a publication that focuses on lobbying efforts, quoted Alexrod saying that lobbyists will have a place in the Obama administration (but not in the areas where they lobbied), and then interpreted that to mean he's going to "raid" K street firms and "fill the white house" with lobbyists. And every time I refill my brita, my entire condo tower floods. Sounds like a bunch of FUD to me. Seriously, it's been less than 48 hours since the election was called, and we have just 2 confirmed appointments to the Obama Administration (neither of which have special interest ties). There will always be former lobbyists down in the trenches of the White House. Barack Obama, unlike his opponent and previous administrations, seems intent on keeping those types out of the upper echelons of the administration, so as to severely abate their influence. That is a good thing. But lets wait and see what he does instead of prematurely blowing the whistle when he hasn't gone out of bounds. Hope!