17 December 2007

Most Favorite Christmas Song #1

My Number One Most Favorite Christmas Song is one of the most widely recognized Christmas songs ever.

It is performed by choirs, by orchestras, and even by popular bands. It is played on radio stations spanning classical music to hard rock.

It conjures images of snowfall and cozy fires and midnight masses. It warms the heart and brightens the face. It, quite possibly more than any other song for this holiday season, puts one in the Christmas spirit.

Song Number One is the quintessential Christmas tune. It is "Carol Of The Bells".

You can hear it here (Windows Media Player required).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love this song. But it does strike me a bit eerie sometimes...kinda gives me the same tingles when I hear the theme from The Omen "O' Fortuna".

Haunting song, but a fantastic and easily recognizable Christmas song never the less.