07 October 2007

Personal Randomness

I can't expect you to understand this but ...

... when you've been rejected after (insert number here) years in a relationship that ends of no agreement of your own, you can't help but think that there is something wrong with you. It tints the way you look at life and people from that point onward, for right or wrong. That is where I stand right now.

I see myself in such a scewed way that no one would want me ... something that logically I know better.

What does one do in a like position?

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Tuffie said...

You get reminded that the person who spent all those years with you, the person who built a history with you, obviously saw something in you that you're unable to see in yourself.

It's what makes you, you.

You are an amazing man Rob. ANY guy out here is one lucky SOB if he wins your heart.


Take this from someone who knows you better than I know myself...