16 December 2011

Music Video Friday: I Hate My Job By JbDubs

I know. It's December. Christmas is just around the corner. The air has a briskness about it. A certain DC radio station has been playing 'round-the-clock holiday music since Thanksgiving. You are all expecting me to post Christmas music over the next two weeks.

Well, I had planned to do so. But last night happened. See, last night was Cobalt's 3rd Annual Employee Show. As is tradition, there was an awful lot of trainwrecking going on. But there were also a few diamonds. One particular number caught my attention. It wasn't the cleanest choreography I'd ever seen, but it was cool. And that infectious song that I couldn't quite make out was ... infectious.

Now maybe it's because I wrote the initial draft of this post in the early moments of the morning and my brain isn't firing on all cylinders, but it took me a friggin' long time to figure out what the blasted song was. (The sound quality didn't help much either.)

But I found it!!!

And, lucky you, I'm sharing it with you this week!

It's by this musical artist by the name of JbDubs who is ... well ... he's a musical artist who performs music. Honestly, I don't know the first thing about him or his music. But this song! This song is poetry!
I hate my boss. I hate my coworkers. I hate my job.
All snark aside, who hasn't thought this at least once in their life?

(You, in the back there, put your hand down and shut up. No one wants to hear about your perfect life.)

Okay fine. Here's some Christmas music. Happy now?


Just Jack said...

Yeah it was kinda sad that Brett was showing up the gay boys with her choreography. Thankfully they ended on this number, it made up for the rest of the trainwreck. Also, I didn't even realize that the song had lyrics ;-)

Re: Bosom Buddies:
First Rule of Drag, Amateurs and Pros don't mix.

Second Rule of Drag: If you're doing a gay anthem, know the lyrics! By Heart! ;-)

Cameron Hernandez said...

I saw this video while heading home on metro last week, someone posted it on Google+ i think, and it was catchy.