12 August 2011

Music Video Friday: Uprising By Muse (Plus A Bonus Video)

To set off this week's music video, I regret that I'll need to get a little political.

I'm pissed off at my government. Maybe I'm making a big thing of nothing here, yet I can't help but feel that the people we've picked to speak for us aren't listening to what we have to say. It's full steam ahead with the same failed politics, the same failed arguments, the same failed games. The whole sorry circus came to its latest head this week, when S&P downgraded the country's credit rating for the first time in our country's history.

My faithful readers, I've had it. And so has a great number of people. I don't think anyone has put it as eloquently as comedian Felonious Munk. WARNING: This epic rant is generously peppered with colorful language; if you're reading this in a sensitive location (i.e. work, church, so on and so forth), you might want to put the headphones on.

He puts to video what, I believe, a lot of people are thinking. Frankly, I don't care who started rolling the snowball from the top of the mountain. We didn't elect these people to their roles in government so that they can finger-point. You, the people in Congress and the White House, are at the wheel now. Fix this mess or we'll find other people who will.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I do not advocate violence as a solution. Nor do I advocate releasing an army of Naughty Bears on the world. If you want to change the system, get yourself educated on the truth of the issues and on the candidates running for office then VOTE wisely!

UPDATE 15 Sugust 2011 13:31: What? No one was gonna tell me the Muse video didn't work?

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