01 November 2010

Paging Inspiration. Inspiration, You Have A Telephone Call At The Front Desk.

Somehow I went through the entire month of October without adding one new post. I'm not sure I've ever gone a month without putting up a blog post in my entire blogging career. That, my faithful readers, is not good.

There were things on my mind. Like how I utterly despise the racial politics of the District. Or how I believe that Muse is the heir to Queen's musical throne. Or how I'm excited about a new television series that you may have inadvertently heard about last week. But every time I opened up this blog to put words to pixels, I came up empty.

The problem is that I'm completely uninspired. I just don't care that much to say anything about anything. In fact, this is the most I've said about anything in over a month.

So let me ask you, my faithful readers, how does one pull oneself out of such a mental funk? What tricks can I use to get back into the swing of things?

Cuz meh haz noe ideahz!

1 comment:

Tuffie said...

shame on your for liking zombies!!