22 June 2010

Initial Thoughts On iOS 4

I downloaded and installed the latest, greatest iPhone operating system (iOS 4) late yesterday afternoon. I haven't played with it much, but what I have played with makes me smile. For instance:
  • Folders means no more unlimited scrolling screens of apps! It was such a pain in the ass to have to scroll 8 screens over to play Zombie Farm. Creating folders is quick and painless. I can now dump those native apps that I never use (*coughcoughStockscoughcough*) into a folder and never see them again if I don't want to. And, I only have one screen now ... oh, yes!
  • Multitasking ... that is all.
  • More customization! Any time I am granted my gods-given right to be *mostly* unhindered me, I am a happy man. So it's a major positive step that Apple has loosened its grip a bit more on what I think my iPhone should look like.
But I have one major gripe (at least for now). I had recently bought an alarm clock/iPhone dock for my nightstand. And it works beautifully. Or at least it did until I upgraded to iOS 4. Now my music won't play through the system.

Not cool, peeps. Not cool at all.

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