14 July 2009

Too Soon?

My answer, in a word, is YES! People, there's a reason parks, monuments, airports, et cetera are named after people after history has borne out that person's worthiness of such an honor. It's so that we don't look back in embarrassment on an emotional mistake. I strongly urge my city council to postpone this proposal at least until the man is out of office.


Brian said...

Update: It may harder than Graham thinks to rename the park.

According to the D.C. Code, "No public space in the District shall be named in honor of any living person, or in honor of any person who has been deceased less than 2 years, unless the deceased person was a President or Vice President of the United States, a United States Senator or Representative, a Mayor of the District of Columbia, or a member of the Council of the District of Columbia."

Since Obama is still alive, the Council would first have to change the law before it could move forward on Graham's resolution.

Bobby Jovanovski said...

maybe this'll be like the Jimmy Carter statue on the Simpsons :)