22 November 2007

Late Night (Early Morning) Confessional

You would think that a post at 2:50 AM would have been written by a drunk person. Fortunately that is not the case. So here it is - my confessional:
  1. I am in love with someone who isn't in love with me.
  2. I still seek the approval of people who are no longer around to grant it.
  3. I am stung to my soul by words that I should be able to shrug off.
  4. I don't have the capacity to be selfish; others are always put first.
  5. I feel every second of my age.
  6. I cry. Often. When no one else is around.
  7. I have goals but am far too lazy and/or discouraged to achieve them.
  8. I would rather be a singer.
  9. I am kinder to people than I should be.
  10. I am still haunted by the ghost of a lover past.

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